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TC Christmas 2014

Here it is folks, the Terry Carter annual L.A. Christmas Album, although this one was recorded at my new studio in Long Beach. As always it's been an awesome experience seeing my friends and fellow musicians come together to make this album happen.  This years tunes include:
1. This Christmas*
2. Frosty The Snowman*
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Delaney Shelton - VOX, Heather Carter - Flute)
4. Auld Lang Syne**
5. Christmas Time Is The Happiest Time (by Terry Carter) (Bryan Baker - Flute, Sam Ross - Piano, Terry Carter - Bass)
6. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen*
7. White Christmas (vox Terry Carter)
8. Joy To The World (TC & The Tomcats: Steve Trovato - Guitar, John Atkinson - Drums, Terry Carter - Bass)

* This Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen performed by LBC Wrecking Crew (Brandon Baker - Sax, Bryan Baker - Sax/Flute, Sam Ross - Piano, Max Cogert - Drums, Nic Gonzalez - Bass, Terry Carter - Guitar). This Christmas and Frost The Snowman arranged by Sam Ross

**Auld Lang Syne performed by:  (Brandon Baker - Sax, Bryan Baker - Sax/Flute, Sam Ross - Piano, Max Cogert - Drums, Terry Carter - Bass)

- All other songs arranged by Terry Carter

LBC Wrecking Crew

TC Christmas 2014

Rock Like The Pros APP

Hi all,For a limited time I have reduced the price of my Rock Like The Pros guitar app from $4.99 to $0.99.  The app is currently available for iphone/ipad in the Apple store. CHECK IT OUT HERE

The app has been doing great and people have really loved it.  Here are some of the reviews.

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I’ve been through some of the RLTP books/CD’s and really like the way things were laid out in a easy to understand way and progressed gradually, so when the app came out I jumped on it. Couldn’t be happier. Same great info but now instead of being tied to my computer with a book and a CD I just open the app on my iPhone or iPad. It’s full of info starting from the very basics and gradually progresses, like the book/CD series. Because I travel a lot it’s sooo much easier to practice with. And it’s cheaper! Looking forward to more advanced lessons in future releases of the app (hint hint…).

The reason for this promotion is that I would like to reach 3000 downloads by the end of the month.  Currently over 2500 people are using and enjoying the app and I personally thank everyone of you. 

Here are some screenshots of the app:

What's included in the Rock Like The Pros APP?

The Rock Like The Pros app includes all the lessons from both:

Rock Like The Pros: Beginning Guitar Method (a $24.95 value) and Rock Like The Pros: 12 Beginning Fingerstyle Meditatios (a $16.95 value). That is over $40 worth of guitar lessons for .99 cents.

The things that you will learn in the app include:
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* Learning 15 complete songs

The concept behind Rock Like The Pros is to teach you the things that you want and need to know to become a better guitar player. I have designed all the lessons after 25 years of teaching, performing, and producing experience. Terry received his Master's of Music from the University of Southern California. Besides teaching thousands of students at colleges such as USC, SDSU, Santa Monica College, Cypress College & LA City College, he has worked with Weezer, Josh Groban, Chris Tin, and Duff Mckagen.

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Thank you,
Terry Carter

App designed by Terry Carter, Scott Loring, and Brandon Bernstein

Wirechoir is playing a special gig as part of the RCC Guitar Festival and Competition:

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Riverside Community College
4800 Magnolia avenue, Riverside, CA, 92507
Digital Library Auditorium (building with a red roof at the front of the campus)

We will also have a very special guest as Dr. Peter Curtis will join us on a few tunes and show off his incredible guitar skills.

Come join We are so excited that we were asked to be part of this great event and hope to see some of you there.


Terry Carter is a Los Angeles based guitarist, producer and songwriter. Some of Terry’s credits include work with Weezer, Josh Groban, 2 time Grammy winner composer Chris Tin (Calling All Dawns, Lilo & Stitch 2, X2: X-Men United), bassist/songwriter Duff McKagen (Guns n' Roses/Velvet Revolver), producer Charles Goodan (Santana, Rolling Stones). As a composer Terry has written tracks for MTV (Trippin’, Wildboyz, and The Real World), Puma, and wrote the theme song for the North Iowa Outlaws, a professional hockey team. Terry is the creator and author of the Rock Like The Pros guitar book series that is currently being used at colleges throughout Los Angeles, including Santa Monica College, Los Angeles Trade Tech College, LA City College, Cypress College, and Chaffey College. The series includes a Beginning Class Guitar Method, a Intermediate Class Guitar Method, 12 Beginning Fingerstyle Meditatio’s, and coming soon Advanced Class Guitar Method and 12 Intermediate Fingerstyle Meditatio's. For more information and sample check out www.rocklikethepros.com. Terry and Steve Trovato have co-written 2 Blues Books/DVD's for Alfred Publishing including Beginning Blues Guitar Lead and Beginning Blues Guitar Rhythm. As a producer Terry has worked and recorded with Ron Eschete, Grant Geissman, Larry Koonse, Pete Christlieb, Frank Potenza, Bruce Forman, Tim May, Carl Verheyen, John Pisano, Putter Smith, Tom Ranier, Joe Bagg, Zildjian, iPerform3D, Wirechoir and Ocean Tribe. Terry received a Masters of Music in Studio/Jazz Guitar Performance from University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Music from San Diego State University, with an emphasis in Jazz Studies and Music Education. Terry teaches at the University of Southern California, Santa Monice College, Cypress College, Los Angeles City College, and Los Angeles Trade Tech College.
History of Best of Terry Carter's L.A. Christmas Vol. 1
Happy Hollidays everyone! This album, L.A. Christmas Volume 1, began back in 2007 when I started recording Christmas albums with a couple of broke studio musicians (Roger Pizytulski on saxophones, and Jimmy Cheesman on 7-string guitar) who together with myself were looking for a way to generate some inexpensive Christmas presents for the family. We got together at my studio, Carter’s Coyote Pass, and cooked up some on-the-spot arrangements and presto! A new tradition was born. By the time December 2008 rolled around, people began to ask if we were going to record another Christmas album, and it dawned on us that maybe we’d stumbled onto something. The three of us got together again, and this time we added Angie Tabor on drums and steel drums (pans) to the mix, as well as Erik Leckrone on percussion. Then in 2009 we brought in singer Mark Wendell Waters, and by 2010 we’d decided the time had come for some original tunes. I composed “Snowflakes Keep Falling on Me (Like it’s Christmas),” and I finally convinced guitar legend Steve Trovato to lend us his genius on a few tunes. Soon I realized that a Greatest Hits album might be in order, but naturally this only came to me in the middle of July and I couldn’t bring myself to face Christmas carols in the middle of a Los Angeles heat wave. I placed the Greatest Hits on the backburner of good intentions, and forgot all about it until the middle of December 2011, when I had another new Christmas album to record. So the Greatest Hits had to wait another year, and boy it’s a damn good thing it did: in 2011 we did 8 more tunes, including an arrangement of “Sleigh Bells” performed by my 5-guitar ensemble, Wirechoir; I brought in my wife Heather Carter to play flute on “Greensleeves;” and once more I brought Steve Trovato in to do a mind-blowing, Hendrix-style version of “We Three Kings.” So, I am now very proud to release the Best of Terry Carter’s L.A. Christmas Volume 1. I carefully selected these 13 tracks, and brought in Per Kjeller to re-mix them and master them. I hope you all enjoy them, and be sure to look for more Christmas tunes from us in the future at www.terrycarter.com/christmas

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Best of Terry Carter's L.A. Christmas Vol. 1

Best of Terry Carter's L.A. Christmas Vol. 1

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  1. Jingle Bell Rock
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer
  3. Ave Maria
  4. Sleigh Ride (feat. Wirechoir)
  5. Snowflakes Keep Falling On Me
  6. Mele Kalikimaka
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  10. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  11. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  12. Greensleeves
  13. We Three Kings (feat. Steve Trovato)
Best of Terry Carter's L.A. Christmas Volume 1

Best of Terry Carter's L.A. Christmas Volume 1

In cart Not Available Out of stock

Selections taken from Terry Carter's Christmas from 2007-2011. 

Terry Carter - Guitar
Steve Trovato - Guitar
Jimmy Cheesman - 7 String Guitar
Angie Tabor - Drums & Pans
Erik Leckrone - Percussion
Roger Przytulski - Saxophones
Mark Wendell Waters - Vocals
Heather Carter - Flute

Sid Guitars - Guitar
Brandon Bernstein - Guitar
Ken Rosser - Guitar
Willis Clow - Guitar
Matt Ritvo - Guitar
Jimmy Cheesman - Guitar
Terry Carter - Guitar
Will Lovell - Bass
John Atkinson - Drums

We Three Kings

Wirechoir - LET IT SNOW

Carol of the Bells


Wirechoir at East Los Angeles College on Friday Nov. 8th at 8:00PM

Wirechoir has an amazing show on Friday November 8th, 2013 at ELAC (East Los Angeles College). The show is from 8:00 PM- 9:30 PM and will be a very special night of music.  Besides the usual cast of characters, Wirechoir will have 4 members that played with Tony Rizzi's original band, who include Pete Christlieb on tenor saxophone, Paul Kreibich on drums, Luther Hughes on bass, and Joe Jewell on guitar.  We are honored and excited about playing for part of the East Los Angeles College's Jazz Series in their new recital hall. Come out and hear a great night of jazz as we plays hits from our "Release The Fury" CD and also dust off some of Tony Rizzi's original arrangements from the 70's.

TC & The Tomcats


TC & The Tomcats (Feat. Steve Trovato) have a performance coming up on Thursday Nov. 7th at the Santa Monica Performing Arts Center, from 12:00-1:00. The show will sell out so please reserve your tickets soon. We will be doing a LIVE audio recording and full 4 camera shoot.

7 String Guitar Geniuses



A special thanks to all the people that came out to be a part of the Ron Escheté and Howard Alden duo, LIVE DVD recording. The night was truely amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Those that missed it, don't worry, I am currently working on the video footage and getting the audio mixed and it will be released soon. Continue to check back for more info.

Terry's TV Debut

Yes you read correctly, Terry's TV debut


Some of you know and some don't, but my wife and I recently adopted 2 dogs (Coal & Ebony) from Villa-Lobos Rescue Center (www.vrcpitbull.com). Our previous dogs, Brad Pitt and Blinky (who also came from Villa-Lobos) had passed away and we wanted to get new dogs in the house.

For the last 4 seasons Villa-Lobos (located in New Orleans) has had a TV show on Animal Planet called "Pitbulls & Parolees" and they asked us if we would be on the show when we adopted Coal & Ebony. We said "yes" and they flew us out to New Orleans to meet the dogs and get to know them. Of course they filmed the entire time we were in New Orleans and the process of getting the dogs delivered to us here in Los Angeles.

To our surprise the episode aired last night on Animal Planet (it was originally supposed to be on next week). I tried to contact as many of you as I could but since it was last minute many of you didn't get to see the show. I decided to give you the link to Animal Planet so you could watch it at your convenience.


What is cool about the episode (beside us being on it) is that my father in-law, Malcolm, also adopted 2 dogs on the same episode. Since it was the biggest adoption Villa-Lobos has ever done (4 dogs) we get about 75% of the episode devoted to us.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show.

P.S. They also used some of my music in the show

Wirechoir featuring Nick Mancini

Wirechoir had a great show with Nick Mancini on Sunday May 19th at Alvas Showroom. Had a nice turnout and even had several new fans jump on the Wirechoir train. I even went "old school" with the refreshments with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and homemade brownies. Everyone said I had the wrong bread (whole wheat) for PB&J but funny thing is, the audience crushed them and left nothing but crumbs. Also sold some "Release The Fury" Wirechoir CD's and also some Best of TC's L.A. Christmas Vol. 1 CD's. Is it that time of year already? Special thanks to Tom and Marie Bartolac for coming down and video taping the entire concert and thank you to everyone else for their support.

What is Wirechoir?


Wirechoir - Release The Fury

1. Tom Thumb (feat. Grant Geissman & Joe Bagg)
2. I Surrender (feat. Pete Christlieb)
3. Carvin' The Bird (feat. Ron Escheté, Pete Christlieb, Joe Bagg, Ryan Mcgillicuddy)
4. 7 Come 11 (feat. Larry Koonse & Joe Bagg)
5. Lemon Cake (feat. Tim May)
6. 'Round Midnight (feat. Pete Christlieb)
7. Jordu (feat. Frank Potenza, Tom Ranier, & Pete Christlieb)
8. Rose's Loom (feat. Howard Alden & Pete Christlieb)
9. Four (feat. Ron Escheté & Steve Huffsteter)
10. Giant Steps (feat. Bruce Forman, Steve Trovato, & Pete Christlieb)

Wirechoir is Ken Rosser, Sid Jacobs, Jimmy Cheesman, Brandon Bernstein, Willis Clow, Matt Ritvo, Keegan Anglim, Alex Medina, Will Lovell, John Atkinson, & Terry Carter

I Surrender (feat. Pete Christlieb)

Four (feat. Ron Eschete)

Giant Steps (feat. Pete Christlieb)

TC & The Tomcats

Terry Carter & The Tomcats (feat. Steve Trovato) performed an amazing concert at The Edye at the Santa Monica Performing Arts Center. Videos will be loaded soon. Terry Carter (guitar/vox), Steve Trovato (guitar/vox), Robbie Fontana (bass), John Atkinson (drums).

Got My Mojo Working


Red House

The Thrill Is Gone


TC & The Tomcats photos

WIRECHOIR photos from recent gig with Pete Christlieb and Putter Smith at Alvas Showroom.

I just finished 3 days in the studio Weezer as my friend Tariqh Akoni and I helped them prepare for the Weezer Cruise. We rehearsed/recorded at The Village in Santa Monica. The band was sounding great and should have a great voyage.

I'm currently wrapping up the mixing for the upcoming Wirechoir album, "All My Friends Are Guitar Players." The album should be available at the beginning of March, along with upcoming gigs.




I am so happy to announce that I finished my Intermediate Book and just got it back from the printers. It looks amazing. It is 126 pages full of a variety of pop/rock songs, music reading, soloing, Blues, Reggae, Country, Jazz, and Bossa Nova. It has been in the making for a year now and tested with several of my guitar classes at Santa Monica College. The VIDEOS and MP3's are in production now and will be loaded soon. Be the first to grab this amazing book.

HD VIDEOS UP!!! I'm happy to announce that all the videos for Rock Like The Pros: Beginning Class Guitar Method are now up on the site and available for viewing. The first three chapters are available for anyone but Chapters 4-15 are only available to Website Members. Not a member it easy all you need is an email address. Click here to JOIN!!!

ROCK LIKE THE PROS - Video Samples

Here are some samples of the things you can learn in Rock Like The Pros - Beginning Class Guitar Method which include Rock, Blues, Music Reading, Strumming, and Fingerstyle. Click here for all the lessons and videos or buy the book in the STORE.

Blues - Shuffle in A Var. #3

Music Reading - Waltz For Heather

Fingerstyle - Meditatio #4


Larry Koonse & TC at Carter's Coyote Pass Studios:

Tim May & Terry Carter at Grandma's Warehouse:

Grant Geissman & Terry Carter in studio:

The concert with Wirechoir featuring Ron Escheté went amazing on Sat. Feb. 19th, 2011. Ron and the boys played their asses off and we had a nice turn out. Thank you to everyone for their continued support. Check out the video to "Four"

Ron Escheté and Terry Carter at Alvas:

For the Spring 2011 semester I'm teaching at Santa Monica College, Los Angeles City College and Los Angeles Trade Tech college. Classes are getting big as the budget gets smaller. I'm also using my Rock Like The Pros: Intermediate Class Guitar book at Santa Monica College which will be available to the public soon.  

Enjoy some of the Christmas Songs I just finished recording at my studio, Carter's Coyote Pass Studios. Some of the guests this year include Steve Trovato (Guitar), Angie Tabor (Drum Set & Pan), Erik Leckrone (Percussion), Jimmy Cheesman (7 String Guitar), Mark Wendell Waters (Vocals), Roger Przytulski (Baritone Sax), Tatiana Lamela-Rabell (Vocals), and your truly on guitar.

Rock Like The Pros Guitar Classes have now begun. This 6 week classes offer an affordable way to learn the fundamentals of the guitar and develop
your skills with Los Angeles pros and make music in a fun, group setting. The first class begun Tuesday Dec. 7th in Monterey Park and was a huge success. We will have classes starting in Jan. in South Pasadena, Monterey Park, Long Beach, and Santa Monica. The classes will be Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, and Blues Guitar. FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO & DETAILS.

I just finished the 2 DVD set of The Jimmy Wyble Tribute where I did all the audio/video production. The event was at Vitello's Jazz Club in Los Angeles, CA and had performances and stories by Sid Jacobs, Larry Koonse, Anthony Wilson, Tim May, Bruce Forman, Mundell Lowe, Gene Bertoncini, Phil Upchurch, John Pisano, David Oakes, Scott Hiltzik, and more.Click here to check the special hidden link of videos and photos from the event.

Steve Trovato and I just finished a 3 day video shoot for our 2 new Blues Books/DVD's with Alfred Publishing. It was a full 3 HD camera shoot, audio recorded with Pro Tools, and filmed at Alfred's studio in Van Nuys. We did a Blues Rhythm book and a Blues Lead book and each one will have a companion DVD demonstrating each of the lessons. The Books/DVD's focus on playing 6 different styles of blues including the Shuffle, Straight 1/8 Funk Blues, Blues Rock, Uptown/Jump Blues, Slow Blues, and Mambo/Rhumba Blues. They also focus on the styles of such greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, B.B. King, and Albert Collins. Look for them both in early 2011. CHECK OUT PHOTOS FROM THE SHOOT.

My new book, Rock Like The Pros - 12 Beginning Fingerstyle Meditatios is now available and shipping. The audio files for all 12 Meditatios are now up and downloadable.

The Downloadable MP3's for all 15 Chapters are available here, so feel free to listen to or download to your audio device. The videos are taking longer then expected but will be up shortly.

Lemon Cake (tribute to Jimmy Wyble) video and photos posted from Wirechoir show on Friday October 15th. The set included Rose's Loom, Lemon Cake, A New Baby, Round Midnight, Four, Carvin' The Bird and Tom Thumb. The band was Ken Rosser, Joe Jewell, Brandon Bernstein, Willis Clow, Matt Ritvo, Eric Jensen, John Atkinson (drums), Ryan Mcgillicuddy (bass) and leader Terry Carter.

I have just finished a 3 Camera HD shoot of all the lessons in my Rock Like The Pros - Beginning Class Guitar (2nd Edition) and Rock Like The Pros - 12 Beginning Fingerstyle Meditatios. The FREE downloadable MP3's are now up. The videos will be posted soon.

My book Rock Like The Pros - Beginning Class Guitar Method is doing great and is currently being used at Santa Monica College, Trade Tech College, Crossroads School, Cypress College and Chaffey College.

The Fall semester just started and I'm teaching classes at Santa Monica College, Los Angeles Trade Tech College, and Los Angeles City College.

My 2nd Edition of my new book is here, Rock Like The Pros - Beginning Class Guitar Method. The book is a 15 week method that focuses on chords, songs, reading music, the Blues, fingerpicking, and improvising. It is a great book for the beginning guitarist, a semester long guitar class, and those ready to take there playing to the next level. Published by Blinky Publishing and availabe here on the site.  Check the Rock Like The Pros tab for more information. 

I'm also leading a guitar ensemble called Wirehoir, that rehearses every Sunday at my studio. We are a 5 piece guitar ensemble that plays harmonized arrangements of Charlie Christian and Charlie Parker solos. The arrangements were done by the late Tony Rizzi who lead the original group in the 70's, Tony Rizzi and His 5 Guitars + 4. The current lineup consists of Sid Jacobs, Joe Jewell, Brandon Bernstein, Ken Rosser, Jimmy Cheesman, Willis Clow, Eric Jensen, Matt Ritvo, Putter Smith, John Atkinson, and myself. Become a fan of the band on Facebook and check out clips on You Tube www.youtube.com/tmcguitar or under Wirechoir tab.

Now Available, The Ron Eschete Trio - Live at Carter's Coyote Pass Studios. Ron, Todd Johnson, and Kendall Kay played an amazing night of music, that included such tunes as Wave, Cherry, In a Mellow Tone, and A Beautiful Friendship. Produced by Terry Carter. DVD's & CD's are available here in The Store or at www.carterscps.com.
My good friend and amazing guitarist Tariqh Akoni and I have been in the studio with the band, Weezer. We help Rivers and the boys tighten up their sound so they are ready to kick some ass when they hit the road. Check them out for upcoming shows, www.weezer.com.

I have two exciting books coming out that I'm really excited about and I think you will dig. The first is a book I'm working on with USC professor and long time friend, Steve Trovato. I don't want to spill the beans yet, but I have been able to get some of the top players in the world contribute to it including Frank Potenza, Carl Verheyen, Pat Kelley, Sid Jacobs, Ron Eschete, Richard Smith, and Bruce Forman. More details to come as the release date approaches.

The second book is a book I'm working on with Ron Eschete that will feature Ron playing and teaching how he would play Chord Melodies and how he "Comps" to jazz standards such as "All The Things You Are" and "Stella By Starlight." The book will be released by Blinky Publishing and will be available soon!!!

As some of you know I have been directing online guitar videos for MTW Studios. As a result of this I also had the pleasure of directing a video shoot for Zildjian. They wanted to create some MOCAP drum lessons for their website and I got to work with Mike Mangini, an incredible drummer and educator. Go to www.iperform3d.com for samples of the guitar and drums lessons and to learn more about MOCAP Technology.

My band, Ocean Tribe, has finished recording two albums. The first, The Zen of Rock & Roll, is an eclectic mix of 13 original cuts that highlight the band's unique sound of Super 70's rock and Indie Power Pop. The second, ZRR is was recorded in the studio but was recorded 'LIVE' all one take with no overdubs. The energy and passion in the songs is amazing. Available on iTunes, othe online retailers and here in The Store.

Since 2006 I have been running my studio, Carter's Coyote Pass Studios. Coyote Pass Studios is a complete recording, mixing, and rehearsal studio that have been used from recording and mixing albums, demos and TV/Movie tracks and also the site for concerts, masterclasses, and video shoots. Check it out online at, www.carterscps.com.

Enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.